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There are many different approaches but recently I have seen one medication make an unbelievable difference in my clients. It may not work for all but what if one medication could stop flashbacks and nightmares for many. You may be one of those people. It is worth a 30 minute complimentary discussion.


Resistant to AA and other 12 Steps programs? Like anything, they work for some but not for all. Some people just do not do their best in groups. And the evidence for rehab program success is sketchy and expensive. Give some thought to Harm Reduction Psychotherapy before you say no to all. It is a non-judgmental and secular way to explore use and talk about what your personal use does for you. If you want to involve family members, your choice, Harm Reduction can help them to have a better understanding of your use and to be more supportive and less critical. No shame here-we all have something!


Taunted in school and at home for years and then trying to compensate for those behaviors at work or in raising your own children is a daunting history. So many things were wrong about the treatment of kids who think and learn differently and even today, there is so little meaningful help. In many cases, misdiagnoses were the problem and treatment was useless. Looking for solutions is the focus of my practice when it comes to these issues so think about a session just to explore what is out there and how it may help.


Did you know that DUI’s are depressing? No kidding! And embarrassing. Whether a first or a third, a DUI is not a fun thing to deal with and it feels as though the legal procedures and the courts do not take into account who you are aside from the DUI. It is critical to make sure that your lawyer and others involved come to know your human side and that you are not judged by one mistake. If your charge is a felony or a second or third DUI, then you really want to explore how to stop this pattern from continuing. There are many reasons for DUI’s-it’s not just about alcohol. Let’s talk about this in a completely non-judgmental and compassionate setting.

I believe my exposure to a wide array of psychological, biological, neurological, genetic and intellectual deficits experts from all over the world and over many years has given me perspectives about these conditions that offer more practical solutions and help. Take advantage of the complimentary half session to explore.


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