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Counseling for Trauma

Counseling for Trauma

Trauma is the gift that keeps on giving. You were abused as a child, you witnessed a violent act or a terrible accident. You had a parent who was mentally ill or neglectful, you were raised by a mean alcoholic or drug abuser. And, there is more.

You love your abuser. You protect your abuser and work hard to conquer the relationship and to at last get their love and approval. You may be a spiritual person who believes that you must follow the mandate to respect your parents no matter what. You are wrung out in the cycle of abuse with your spouse.

No one goes unscathed by trauma. No matter how successful you may be or how low trauma has taken you, are you living or surviving?

Survival skills are just that, the things you do to not think, or examine or explore.

Harm Reduction will help you look at those survival tools and reorganize their use to your advantage.

Trauma therapy is not just talking about what happened to you. That is important but you want to feel better and you are terrified that opening up that Pandora’s Box is going to let things out that you will no longer be able to control. Trauma therapy is meant to restore your spirit—not to kill it.

In trauma therapy at Vogelsang Consulting, you will work at your own pace and face the trauma only as you are ready. Supportive guidance will help you to reframe the trauma and will attempt to have you leave each session with something you can use that very day to develop a whole new way of coping. Why? So the you don’t let the trauma roam free, affecting so many areas of your life and denying you the full life you want to live.

And, one more thing. It is up to you, but if you love your abuser and feel guilty, you will learn how to deal with that person with compassion but only after you have taken care of your own needs first. If you need to let that person go, there are compassionate ways to do that as well.

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